~ 28th International Guitar Festival (in English)

Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras

Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras was established in 1892 and it is a non-profil organization manager by an Administrative Board of seven members. For more than 127 years Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras been creating the faculties and its departments bearing in mind the quality of music, aiming at providing the best musical knowledge.
It consists of 16 classrooms accommodated in two separate buildings, a neoclassical one where there is an exceptional Concert Hall and a private five-floor one. There are teaching classrooms with two pianos, three grand pianos, study rooms, a specially designed soundproof classroom for percussion instruments, which also provides percussion Symphony Orchestra percussion instruments, a harp, an electrical guitar classroom and one for the class of Carl Orff music-kinetic lessons.
The first Symphony Orchestra of Patras was created during the years of occupation, and Joseph de Bustinduy served unselfishly as its Principal. This great Spanish violonist and conductor contributed a lot to the musical life of this place. He served as a principal and a professor of the Conservatory for many years in a pioneer and encouraging way.
In 1949, Konstantinos Cydoniatis was a professor and later the Principal of the Conservatory. He was one of the most important pianists, composers and teachers of our country, who left behind him a legacy of a generation of students, other competent teachers and proficient players or composers.
The Piano School had been flourishing since 1945, under the guidance of professor Eleni Lampiri, a student of the great German teacher and composer Max Reger. The following years the Piano School became known and famous. Marios Laskaris taught there for two years, next Antigoni Papamikropoulou and later Maria Hairogiorgou-Sigara, Evi Pappas and contemporary solists such as Alexandra Papastefanou and Anastasios Pappas followed him.
The examination committee  of the Conservatory consists of very important musicians such as M. Pallantios, Th. Vavagiannis, D. Horafas, G. Sklavos, A. Nezeritis, Th. Karyotakis, M. Papaioannou, R. Kyriakou, A. Garoufalis, D. Dragatakis, G. Stalimeros, etc.
Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras and the school of pianos, wind, percussion instruments and strings, of theory and song, many proficient Greek and foreign musicians served as teachers, thousands of young people were educated and that is why a solid and constant musical tradition was created. What is more, Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras established an excellent Band for thirty years. This same Band gave an outstanding performance in the First Olympic Games in Athens (1896) and was awarded with merit.
In 1972, when it completed 80 years of action and musical performance, it was awarded the “Silver Metal” by the Athens Academy.
In the last few years, Philarmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras is a modern contemporary Conservatory which functions according to its brilliant history and preserves the high level of studies.
Vassiliki Philippaiou, a composer and professor of Music Theory has been the Principal of the Conservatory since 1996.


28th International Guitar Festival 


The program of the Festival


Friday, April 19th

11:00 Evangelos & Liza: Master Class
15:00 Specific class: Teaching young guitar students
20:30 Christos Tsarouhis: guitar recital: works by la Maza, Barrios, Torroba, Merlin
21:30 George Kafentzis: guitar recital: works by  Weiss, Bach, Aguado, Barrios

Saturday, April 20th

10:00 Liza Zoe: Master Class
10:00 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Master Class
10:00 Jerry Willard: Master Class
15:00 Goran Krivokapič: Master Class
15:00 Specific class: Teaching young guitar students
18:30 Minos Tyllianakis: Lecture
20:30 Manolis Vrontinos: guitar recital: works by Bach, Scarlatti, Granados

21:30 Anton Baranov: guitar recital: works by Aguado, Sor, Giuliani, Legnani

Sunday, April 21st

10:00 Liza Zoe: Master Class
10:00 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Master Class
10:00 Jerry Willard: Master Class
15:00 Anton Baranov: Master Class
15:00 Specific Class: Teaching young guitar students
18:30 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Lecture 
20:30 Maria Koursari: guitar recital: works by Purcell, Koshkin, Dyens, Kypourgos, Andronikou
21:30 Goran Krivokapič: guitar recital: works by Bach, Pereira, Giuliani

Monday, April 22nd

10:00 Evangelos Assimakopoulos: Master Class
10:00 Goran Krivokapič: Master Class
10:00 Anton Baranov: Master Class
13:00 Guitar Competition – Category A΄
14:30 Guitar Competition – Category B΄
16:30 Guitar Competition – Category C΄
21:00 Awards diplomas & prizes




Liza Zoe

The superb concerts of Evangelos Assimakopoulos and his wife Liza Zoe in Europe, United States and Canada, have made them one of the most highly regarded duo guitarists in the world today.
Not only have the two Greek musicians been acclaimed by many newspapers of repute, including the New York Times, Daily Telegraph, Paris Matin, Chicago Sun, El Sol de Mexico and Los Angeles Times, but they also earned the esteem of the great Andrés Segovia himself, who wrote of them: “Since Fate cruelly deprived us of Presti-Lagoya, I no longer had the pleasure of listening to any similar duo. But lately, when the talented Greek guitarists Evangelos and Liza played for me, I felt complete satisfaction and enjoyment.  I cordially wish Evangelos and Liza to conquer the high esteem of the public as they have conquered mine!”
They both began their studies of the guitar in 1953 at the National Conservatory of Athens under Dimitris Fampas. After receiving first prizes “with excellence” upon graduating, they were awarded scholarships to study with the Presti-Lagoya duo in France and with Andrés Segovia in Spain.
Since their arrival on the international scene in 1967, Evangelos and Liza have carried out extensive tours all over the world and given hundreds of recitals at some of the most famous concert halls, including  Carnegie Hall,  Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Concertgebouw, Wigmore Hall, le Théâtre de la Ville, the Lincoln Center and the Herodion, performed for many radio and television stations (the BBC, Paris RTVF, Brussels, Madrid, Cologne, Berlin etc.) and taken part in major festivals in, among other places, New York, Boston, Antwerp, Rome, Amsterdam and Mexico. They usually appear as duo soloists with well known symphony orchestras such as those of Montreal, Michigan, Cincinnati and Birmingham, as well as teaching seminars and holding Master-classes at universities and academies overseas including The Juilliard School, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, UCLA, Stony Brook University and Mannes College of Music.
Both Greek and foreign composers have written pieces especially for Evangelos and Liza; at the same time the two musicians have enriched a rather meagre guitar duo repertoire with transcriptions and arrangements for their own. They have produced several records and CDs of works for one or two guitars that are available on the EMI Classics label everywhere.
The breadth of their repertoire, their technical skill and rich interpretations, have earned an enthusiastic reception wherever they have performed, resulting to their wholehearted acceptance by the public as one of the “most exciting husband-and-wife virtuoso duos of today’s musicdom.”


Evangelos Assimakopoulos

Evangelos Assimakopoulos studied the guitar in Athens at the National Conservatoire under Dimitris Fampas. He completed his degree in 1960 and was unanimously awarded First Prize and the Medal for Outstanding Performance. Shortly afterwards he was awarded a scholarship to study with the Presti-Lagoya duo in France and Andrés Segovia in Spain. Since 1959 Evangelos Assimakopoulos has given many solo recitals throughout Greece.  In 1965 he married guitarist Liza Zoe and together they established Greece’s first guitar duo. Today not only have the two Greek musicians been acclaimed by major newspapers as one of the leading guitar duos in the world, but they also earned the esteem of the great Andrés Segovia himself.
Since 1967 the couple has carried out extensive tours all over the world and given hundreds of recitals in some of the most renowned concert halls, many radio and television stations and major Festivals. They also appear as duo soloists with well known symphony orchestras as well as teaching seminars and holding Master-classes at universities and academies overseas. In addition to their activities in foreign Academies and Universities, Evangelos & Liza have given Master Classes in innumerable seminars to the main cities of Greece as well as at the International Guitar Festival of Patras, a famous festival that is organized by themselves since 1992.
Both Greek and foreign composers have written pieces especially for Evangelos and Liza; at the same time the two musicians have enriched the guitar solo and duo repertoire with transcriptions and arrangements of their own that they are recorded on noted record companies.
Finally, over his 50 years of teaching, Evangelos Assimakopoulos has established a school of outstanding guitarists who have made a name for themselves both in Greece and abroad.



Master Classes

Liza Zoe                       











Evangelos Assimakopoulos













Goran Krivokapic























Anton Baranov























Jerry Willard

Born in Cleveland, Ohio Jerry Willard’s first teacher was his father, Jeff Willard, an accomplished guitarist in his own right. The guitar pedagogue, Sophocles Papas recognized Jerry's talent and invited him to study in Washington, D.C. Jerry Willard studied with guitarists, Richard Lurie and Alirio Diaz, who developed his musical and technical approach to the guitar. He also worked with violinist, Misha Mishakoff and cellist, Warren Downs who expanded his knowledge of musical interpretation.
Mr. Willard has performed at Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall in New York City. He has concertized extensively throughout Europe and The United States. Raymond Ericson of the New York Times wrote, "The recital was exemplary. Mr. Willard took lute in hand for some pieces by Adrian Le Roy and John Dowland and turned that normally pale-sounding predecessor of the guitar into a brilliant and vivid instrument…..It was again the clarity of Mr. Willard's playing that gave special pleasure."
Willard is an accomplished player of all types of fretted instruments including the arch lute, Renaissance lute, Baroque guitar, nineteenth century guitar, and modern guitar. Well known as an ensemble player, Mr. Willard has performed with the Cleveland Orchestra, The New York City Opera Company, The New York Consort of Viols, and The Queen’s Chamber Band.
Willard has published many publications for guitar including "The Complete Lute Music of J. S. Bach", “The Complete Works of Gaspar Sanz” and “Seventeen Show Tunes of George Gershwin” available through Music Sales Corporation.  Mr. Willard records for Lyrichord Discs. He has recorded music for arch-lute, Baroque Guitar and Renaissance lute. He has just finished a recording of opera potpourris by Giuliani and Mertz on a Lacote guitar made in Paris in 1820. Mr. Willard resides in Elmore Vermont and is on the faculty of the State University of New York at Stony Brook.




Anton Baranov

As winner of the 2013 Guitar Foundation of America Competition and more than 20 other prestigious contests around the globe, Russian guitarist Anton Baranov has established himself as one of the leading guitarists of today.
His performances in a number of distinguished halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Palau de Musica in Valencia, Mariinsky Concert Hall in St. - Petersburg and Centenario Hall in Beijing have been described by musical critics as “pure magic” (Cleveland Classical), and “manages to paint beautiful sound pictures of rich depth and colour with his guitar.”(The Guitar).
Known for Baranov's daring interpretations and innovative programmes, world renown guitarist and composer Roland Dyens called him, “...a real misician, one of those rare guitarists who are able to have their attendees almost forget the instrument they play, managing to have them focus on the expressivity of the music and only this.”
Baranov's recordings include one album for Naxos Classical and a CD for Contrastes Records. Naxos released Latin American Guitar Sonatas in May 2014. His Contrastes Records album consists of Spanish guitar music and it's on the market since August 2014.
Anton Baranov was born in 1984 and started playing guitar at the age of ten. He completed his musical education at the oldest and most famous Russian school of music, the Saint-Petersburg State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory, where he has had a teaching position since his graduation in 2010. Mr. Baranov has been a D' Addario artist since 2013 and plays a Max Cuker guitar.
The Russian artist is visiting again our country after his impressive performance three years ago when he was invited from Patras International Guitar Festival. This time, during his European tour, he is going to play works by composers of Romantic period with an instrument of that time.


Goran Krivokapic

Setting new standards with technical virtuosity and his characteristical interpretation of old and new repertoire makes Goran Krivokapić one of the leading guitarists and chamber musicians of the new, international scene.
He won his first international competition at the age of fourteen, and continued to win eighteen more, including two of the most prestigious guitar competitions – “Guitar Foundation of America” (GFA) in Montreal, Canada, and “Dr. Luis Sigall International Competition of Musical Performance” in Viña del Mar, Chile, both in 2004.
Two Golden Guitar awards followed at the annual “International Guitar Convention in Alessandria” in Italy – 2005 as the best young guitarist of the year and 2006 for his debut CD. Since then he has performed all over Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Russia, appearing at such prestigious halls as the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow, Lubkowitz Palace in Vienna, and Auditorio Conde Duque in Madrid. As a performer, lecturer and adjudicator he is a frequent guest at many international festivals and as a soloist he has performed with well-known Symphony Orchestras.
Goran Krivokapić has given masterclasses, lectures and workshops at universities, regular broadcasts and interviews for television and radio and made his own transcriptions from the baroque and classical works.
Born in 1979, Goran Krivokapić started his music education when he was eight with Mićo Poznanović at the Music School of Herceg Novi in Montenegro and furthered his studies at the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade in the class of Srđan Tošić, graduating in 2000. He continued with Hubert Käppel and Roberto Aussel at the “Hochschule für Musik Köln” in Germany, where he graduated and received the “Konzertexamen” degree. He then pursued his master’s degree at the Conservatorium Maastricht, the Netherlands, under the tutelage of Carlo Marchione and Masters after Masters under the tutelage of Raphaella Smits at LUCA School of Arts Campus Lemmensinstituut in Leuven, Belgium.
Living in Cologne with his wife and son, Goran Krivokapić is nowasays teaching the guitar at the Lemmensinstituut been also a professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, Germany.

Manolis Vrontinos

Born in Salonica with a Cretan origin, Manolis Vrontinos studied the classical guitar at the National Conservatory of Athens with Evangelos Assimakopoulos receiving first prize “with excellence” upon graduating his diploma.
Later on, he enriched his knowleedges and experience in Seminars and Master Classes with outstandig artists such as Oscar Ghiglia, Leo Brouwer, Manuel Barrueco and Roland Dyens.
He won the First Prize of Arhanes (Crete) guitar competition as well as the Second Prize at Riviera International guitar Festival.
As soloist, Manolis Vrontinos has performed several Concertos for solo guitar including the Concerto by the distinguist composer Theodore Antoniou and also performed recitals and concerts in collaboration with the Union of Greek Composers as well as the ALEA III group of Boston orchestra.
Recently he apears as a duo with the recognized guitarist Virginia Amariotaki, resulting the Concertos by Theodor Antoniou and Vassilis Tenides, two compositions for guitar duo and orchestra, written and dedicated to the Greek guitarists.
Besides his activities as a performer in Greece and abroad, Manolis Vrontinos is nowadays  teaching at the Musical School of Heraklion, the 'Synchrono Odeon of Crete' and the 'Haris Sarris Conservatory'.

Christos Tsarouhis

Born in Patras, Christos Tsarouhis studied the guitar at an early age with Panayiotis Kydoniatis, and received his Degree in 2008 “With Excellence”.
He continued and completed his studies at the Athenaeum Conservatory with Liza Zoe, obtaining his Diploma in 2011 “With Excellence” as well.
During his studies, Christos Tsarouchis participated in several Seminars and Master Classes of well-known guitarists (L. Zoe, E. Assimakopoulos, R. Dyens, M. Dylla, J. Mills, S. Vlaskalic, etc.) and shortly thereafter, he began making appearances in various cities in Greece with recitals for solo guitar or Chamber Music concerts.
In 2012, he created along with the guitarist AndronikosKaramberis a guitar duet, making successful appearances in Concerts and Festivals, while to his track record is added the collaboration with the Athenian Mandolinata Nikolaos Lavdas orchestra, in a concert for three guitars and orchestra, as well as the recording of musical poems with the soprano Marianna Messala.
Christos Tsarouchis has graduated from the Department of Economics of the University of Patras, and since 2008, he has been teaching guitar at the Philharmonic Society-Conservatory of Patras.

Giorgos Kafentzis

The First Prize winner of last year's  Festival Giorgos Kafentzis was born in Pyrgos Ilias in September 1988.
He studied the classical guitar with Yannis Kakolyris at the National Conservatory of Pyrgos, where he took his Diploma in 2015.
He has attended three seminars with Lisa Zoi and Evangelos Asimakopoulos at the Guitar Festival in Patras.
Last year Giorgos Kafentzis took part in the Guitar Competition of the 27th International Guitar Festival of Patras, where he won the 1st Prize.
Since 2015 he is teaching the classical guitar at the ‘Amalias Municipal Conservatory’ as well as the "Olympios Conservatory of Pyrgos".
George Kafentzis is a graduate (2013) of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, a department of medical laboratories, and it is worth mentioning that he is a self-taught soloist of the six-string bouzouki having participated in various artistic groups throughout Greece.

Maria Koursari

Maria Koursari studied guitar at Athenaeum Conservatory with Liza Zoe. She graduated in 2000 receiving 1st prize and honors for outstanding performance.
The same year she was distinguished at the Guitar Competition & Music Festival of Archanes in Crete.
She has advanced her technique by attending seminars with renowned musicians and soloists (R. Dyens, O. Ghiglia, D. Russell, M. Dylla, G. Hadjinikos).
She was a founding member of Athenaeum Guitar Quartet which performed for television broadcasts, in many distinguished concert halls in Athens and other Greek cities and participated in the celebration event to honor the Greek Olympic Champions of Sydney at the Peace and Friendship stadium.
In 2018 Maria Koursari was awarded the 2nd prize at the 27th International Guitar Festival of Patras and In 2019 she collaborated with the Athens Symphony Orchestra as a soloist.




Prof. Minos Tillianakis

Minos Tyllianakis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He entered the Medical School of Athens University after successful exams and obtained his doctoral thesis from the same University with “excellent” degree.
He has served as an officer in the Greek Army
He was trained in Orthopaedics and Traumatology at 401 General Military Hospital and at KAT Hospital in Athens.
Minos Tyllianakis was appointed as an Orthopaedic Registrar in the Orthopaedic Department of Patras University Hospital in 1989 where he has been practicing since then. He was elected lecturer of Patras University in 1992, assistant professor in 1997, associate professor in 2003 and professor in 2007. He has been elected Chairman of the Orhtopaedic Department of Patras University Hospital in 2016.
He has been subspecialized in hand surgery and microsurgery in St Gallen, Switzerland (1991) and in Lousville, Kentucky, USA (2000).
His main clinical interest is in upper limb surgery and, over the last years, foot and ankle surgery.
He is author or co-author of 90 papers in international scientific journals which can be traced in Google Scholar and other searching machines in the Web. He has more than 200 oral presentations in congresses and symposia in Greece and abroad with some of them been awarded. As an invited speaker he has given approximately 400 lectures mostly abroad and in Greece.
He has organized more than 60 national or international congresses, courses, symposia, the most prominent being the globally known AO course on osteosynthesis in Davos, Switzerland (2015 and 2016).
He has been the Greek delegate in European organizations, has participated in international research programs and has been member of 15 orthopaedic societies, Greek and international ones, and member of editorial boards of orthopaedic journals in English.
In 2008 he founded and has been chairing since then the AOTrauma Chapter Greece, the Greek branch of the worldwide known AO foundation, the leading institution in fracture fixation. He had been president of South-Eastern Europe of this foundation from 2015 to 2017.


Evangelos Assimakopoulos

















  • As every year, the Festival organizes three guitar competitions exclusively for its students.
  • The competition is open to guitar students of any nationality.   
  • The guitar competitions will be held the last day of the Festival, on Monday April 22, 2019
  • First prize winners of  previous years at Patras Festival can not take part in the same Category this year.
  • Competitors can not take part more than one Category of the guitar competition.
  • The committee consists of five members, Greek and foreign guitar soloists and teachers.
  • The three competitions will take place at the Concert Hall of Philharmoniki Foundation Conservatory of Patras as follows:

CATEGORY A / Competition for students till 12 years old (born after January 1st, 2007)

CATEGORY B / Competition for students till 16 years old (born after January 1st, 2003)

CATEGORY C / Competition for students of any age


CATEGORY A:  a) one Study for guitar or one piece of an old music composer

                         b) one free choice guitar piece

                         (Maximum total duration: 8 minutes for the progam of Category A)

CATEGORY B:  a) one guitar piece (Study, Prelude, Minuet, Mazurka etc.)

                         b) one free choice guitar piece

                         (Maximum total duration: 10 minutes for the progam of Category B)

CATEGORY C:  a) one or more guitar works of an old music composer (Renaissance or Baroque)

                         b) one or more free choice guitar works

                         (Maximum total duration: 13 minutes for the progam of category C)



CATEGORY A:  1st Prize: Guitar BROS B-20 (with case)  € 500

                        2nd Prize: Music books € 150

                         3rd Prize: Music books € 100

CATEGORY B:  1st Prize: Guitar Almansa Mod. 457 (with case)  € 1.600

                        2nd Prize: Music books € 150

                         3rd Prize: Music books € 100

CATEGORY C:  1st Prize: A Spruce guitar by Nicholas Ioannou (New York)  $ 7.000 plus a guitar concert at Patras International Guitar Festival 2020

                        2nd Prize:  Guitar Admira Tereza (with case)  € 1.000

                         3rd Prize: Music books € 150                            


The guitar of seven thousand dollars ($ 7.000) which is the first Prize of Category C, is a donation of  the guitar maker Nicholas Ioannou (New York)

All the other Prizes of Categories A , B and C are a donation of the Music House K. Papagrigoriou - H. Nakas, Panepistimiou 39 (

Our compliments to Nicholas Ioannou and Music House Panasmusic for their generous offer.


Registration Form



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